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ChamberNet Maryland is a part of our national network of local Chambers of Commerce, established in Annapolis, Maryland to enhance and to promote Maryland's economy by connecting export corporations in the State of Maryland with importing companies all over the world. The Chamber helps U.S. exporters and freight forwarding companies to build strong business relations, expanding their trade and exploring new possible markets. We offer comprehensive research and reports about the economic climate in Maryland's major cities and counties, such as Glen Burnie, Chillum, Milford Mill, Middle River,...etc.ChamberNet Maryland prides itself for being the first Chamber of Commerce in the United States that adopts a fully electronic certification system that offers the importing companies/ governments an effective method to verify the authenticity of the Chamber's stamp. Additionally, the chamber provides a dynamic platform that enables customers to share their experience dealing with US corporations and to post their reviews and opinions about companies.

Our resources are not only available to our members. In fact, we offer assistance for exporters in all of the 5 states in which we are located to provide certification services for Invoice, Certificate of of origin, Packing List, and any other required export documents.

ChamberNet has the experience to educate and advise manufacturers and exporters how to export under a letter of credit, how to prepare an international contract, and to explain the process of obtaining any required attestation, certification, authentication, or legalization of their documents.

Maryland Economy

The economy of Maryland continues to exceed the whole country . The Information technology companies, telecommunications, the aerospace companies and the military are the main reason behind the economic growth in the State of Maryland. Concerning the biotechnology field, Maryland is considered to be a leader and a vital center in mapping the human genome and the commercial applications related to that industry.

Maryland pays great attention to education and academic institutions to be able to provide highly educated workers in the industrial sector. Maryland occupies the top place of professional and technical workers to gain both defense and non defense contracts for aircraft development, medical research, and security.

Maryland exports reached $10 billion in 2015. International Trade to foreign countries such as Algeria and Colombia has increased by 142% and 73%, respectively. Main exports from Maryland include electronics, transportation, equipment, and chemicals.

Exports from the State of Maryland

Top 25 importing countries

2012- 2015

Source: www.census.gov

State of Maryland

Explore North Bethesda

North Bethesda is located in Montgomery County. It is the home of 18 federal agencies and the headquarter of 60 major corporations, including 21 foreign companies. It is an example of the spectacular growth.

Explore Wheaton

Wheaton is located in Montgomery county, neighboring the nation’s capital, and just 20 minutes to downtown. The area has witnessed a high employment growth that reaches 4.5% in 2014.

Explore Middle River

The aerospace industry is the main industry in Middle River. It is the headquarter of high-profile companies such as Baltimore Crossroads, Synagro and GE Middle River Aircraft Systems that provides more than 1,500 jobs.

Explore Milford Mill

Milford Mill is located in Baltimore Suburb, which has witnessed a growth in residents moving to this area that reaches 13.9% in the last two years . Milford mill is the home town of Milford Mill High School Academy.

Explore Chillum

Located just six miles away from the nation’s capital. Chillum has the highest employment growth in the State that reaches 6.7%. It is a center for many educational institutions, such as University of Maryland.

Explore Glen Burnie

Located in Ann Arundel county with an economy linked to military with over 50.000 jobs. Growth will continue in Glen Burnie and Anne Arundel County, because there’s no corporate income or sales and use tax.

Company Overview

ChamberNet is a national network of local chambers of commerce extending all across the United States providing U.S. corporations, exporters and forwarders with comprehensive economic research about international markets. Headquartered in Washington DC, with an additional (5) branches in Texas, New York, California, Florida and Maryland, ChamberNet aims to enhance the American economy by building strong relations between American businesses and international importing countries. We take pride in being the first Chamber of Commerce in the United States to adopt a fully electronic certification system offering private and governmental importing officials an effective method for verification of the authenticity of ChamberNet's stamp. ChamberNet also provides a dynamic platform for customers to share their experiences with US companies by posting their reviews.

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